Graduation day is a massive deal at the university I went to .
Collecting your gowns and walking on stage with your parents watching etc….pretty standard I guess.

So the day is beautiful the sun is shining everyone is happy, all of your friends are there and your sharing the moment….beautiful. However it is a sad moment, it is the last day your will probably see most of these people ever again, whether you liked them or not.
I shed no tears, sounds bitter but its really not. I know the people I actually like I will stay in contact with and those I don’t….Facebook Delete!
Its pretty simple these days to remove those that you don’t like, these was a guy on my course who was always amazing at the coursework we ever got. He would never appear at lectures or seminars but when it came to handing work in it would always be the best, we shall refer to him as Fork Boy. (this name appeared in the first week of uni when we didn’t know his name but he always had a fork in his pocket!) ….getting back to my point nowadays all it takes to remove someone from your like is to ‘remove as friend’ then that’s it gone, however we never actually do this, we always like to have a quick stalk every now and then! (I am very prone to a good stalk)

Anyway getting back to graduation day it is very nice. You might go out for dinner with the family and then to the pub with friends, but after that….that’s it. It is all over! you have to now go find/start a job and actually live your live.

This is when it all starts.


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